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igor siwanowicz
Janelia Research Campus, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
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A subset of dopamine neurons signals reward for odour memory in Drosophila
C Liu, PY Plaçais, N Yamagata, BD Pfeiffer, Y Aso, AB Friedrich, ...
Nature 488 (7412), 512-516, 2012
The Mushroom Body of Adult Drosophila Characterized by GAL4 Drivers
Y Aso, K Grübel, S Busch, AB Friedrich, I Siwanowicz, H Tanimoto
Journal of neurogenetics 23 (1-2), 156-172, 2009
Specific dopaminergic neurons for the formation of labile aversive memory
Y Aso, I Siwanowicz, L Bräcker, K Ito, T Kitamoto, H Tanimoto
Current biology 20 (16), 1445-1451, 2010
Three dopamine pathways induce aversive odor memories with different stability
Y Aso, A Herb, M Ogueta, I Siwanowicz, T Templier, AB Friedrich, K Ito, ...
PLoS genetics 8 (7), e1002768, 2012
Mushroom body efferent neurons responsible for aversive olfactory memory retrieval in Drosophila
J Séjourné, PY Plaçais, Y Aso, I Siwanowicz, S Trannoy, V Thoma, ...
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Structural basis for the inhibition of insulin-like growth factors by insulin-like growth factor-binding proteins
T Sitar, GM Popowicz, I Siwanowicz, R Huber, TA Holak
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The genome of the crustacean Parhyale hawaiensis, a model for animal development, regeneration, immunity and lignocellulose digestion
D Kao, AG Lai, E Stamataki, S Rosic, N Konstantinides, E Jarvis, ...
elife 5, e20062, 2016
Slow oscillations in two pairs of dopaminergic neurons gate long-term memory formation in Drosophila
PY Plaçais, S Trannoy, G Isabel, Y Aso, I Siwanowicz, G Belliart-Guérin, ...
Nature neuroscience 15 (4), 592-599, 2012
Structural basis for the regulation of insulin-like growth factors by IGF binding proteins
I Siwanowicz, GM Popowicz, M Wisniewska, R Huber, KP Kuenkele, ...
Structure 13 (1), 155-167, 2005
The yellow gene influences Drosophila male mating success through sex comb melanization
JH Massey, D Chung, I Siwanowicz, DL Stern, PJ Wittkopp
Elife 8, e49388, 2019
A novel family of secreted insect proteins linked to plant gall development
A Korgaonkar, C Han, AL Lemire, I Siwanowicz, D Bennouna, RE Kopec, ...
Current Biology 31 (9), 1836-1849. e12, 2021
A neural circuit encoding the experience of copulation in female Drosophila
L Shao, P Chung, A Wong, I Siwanowicz, CF Kent, X Long, U Heberlein
Neuron 102 (5), 1025-1036. e6, 2019
Efforts towards the Design of ‘Teflon’ Proteins: In vivo Translation with Trifluorinated Leucine and Methionine Analogues
N Budisa, O Pipitone, I Siwanowicz, M Rubini, PP Pal, TA Holak, ...
Chemistry & biodiversity 1 (10), 1465-1475, 2004
Binding ofEscherichia coliinitiation factor IF2 to 30S ribosomal subunits: a functional role for the N-terminus of the factor
JMP Moreno, J Kildsgaard, I Siwanowicz, KK Mortensen, ...
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 252 (2), 465-471, 1998
Suppression of conditioned odor approach by feeding is independent of taste and nutritional value in Drosophila
F Gruber, S Knapek, M Fujita, K Matsuo, L Bräcker, N Shinzato, ...
Current Biology 23 (6), 507-514, 2013
Transforming descending input into behavior: The organization of premotor circuits in the Drosophila Male Adult Nerve Cord connectome
HSJ Cheong, K Eichler, T Stürner, SK Asinof, AS Champion, EC Marin, ...
bioRxiv, 2023.06. 07.543976, 2023
Three dimensional reconstruction of energy stores for jumping in planthoppers and froghoppers from confocal laser scanning microscopy
I Siwanowicz, M Burrows
Elife 6, e23824, 2017
Muscles that move the retina augment compound eye vision in Drosophila
LM Fenk, SC Avritzer, JL Weisman, A Nair, LD Randt, TL Mohren, ...
Nature 612 (7938), 116-122, 2022
Controlling motor neurons of every muscle for fly proboscis reaching
CE McKellar, I Siwanowicz, BJ Dickson, JH Simpson
Elife 9, e54978, 2020
Characterization of mutations in the GTP-binding domain of IF2 resulting in cold-sensitive growth of Escherichia coli
BS Laursen, I Siwanowicz, G Larigauderie, J Hedegaard, K Ito, ...
Journal of molecular biology 326 (2), 543-551, 2003
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