Prabha Mandayam
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Simple approach to approximate quantum error correction based on the transpose channel
HK Ng, P Mandayam
Physical Review A 81 (6), 062342, 2010
Holographic spacetime, black holes and quantum error correcting codes: a review
T Kibe, P Mandayam, A Mukhopadhyay
The European Physical Journal C 82 (5), 463, 2022
The functional analysis of quantum information theory
VP Gupta, P Mandayam, VS Sunder
Lecture Notes in Physics 902, 2015
Unextendible mutually unbiased bases from Pauli classes
P Mandayam, S Bandyopadhyay, M Grassl, WK Wootters
arXiv preprint arXiv:1302.3709, 2013
Towards a unified framework for approximate quantum error correction
P Mandayam, HK Ng
Physical Review A 86 (1), 012335, 2012
Impact of local dynamics on entangling power
B Jonnadula, P Mandayam, K Życzkowski, A Lakshminarayan
Physical Review A 95 (4), 040302, 2017
Entanglement measures of bipartite quantum gates and their thermalization under arbitrary interaction strength
B Jonnadula, P Mandayam, K Życzkowski, A Lakshminarayan
Physical Review Research 2 (4), 043126, 2020
A transform of complementary aspects with applications to entropic uncertainty relations
P Mandayam, S Wehner, N Balachandran
Journal of Mathematical Physics 51 (8), 2010
Achieving the physical limits of the bounded-storage model
P Mandayam, S Wehner
Physical Review A 83 (2), 022329, 2011
Qubits through queues: The capacity of channels with waiting time dependent errors
K Jagannathan, A Chatterjee, P Mandayam
2019 National Conference on Communications (NCC), 1-6, 2019
Quantum error correction: Noise-adapted techniques and applications
A Jayashankar, P Mandayam
Journal of the Indian Institute of Science 103 (2), 497-512, 2023
The classical capacity of additive quantum queue-channels
P Mandayam, K Jagannathan, A Chatterjee
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Information Theory 1 (2), 432-444, 2020
Achieving fault tolerance against amplitude-damping noise
A Jayashankar, MDH Long, HK Ng, P Mandayam
Physical Review Research 4 (2), 023034, 2022
Disturbance trade-off principle for quantum measurements
P Mandayam, MD Srinivas
Physical Review A 90 (6), 062128, 2014
Measures of disturbance and incompatibility for quantum measurements
P Mandayam, MD Srinivas
Physical Review A 89, 062112, 2014
Operational measure of incompatibility of noncommuting observables
S Bandyopadhyay, P Mandayam
Physical Review A 87 (4), 042120, 2013
Finding good quantum codes using the Cartan form
A Jayashankar, AM Babu, HK Ng, P Mandayam
Physical Review A 101 (4), 042307, 2020
Differential phase encoded measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution
SK Ranu, A Prabhakar, P Mandayam
Quantum Information Processing 20, 1-37, 2021
Security with 3-pulse differential phase shift quantum key distribution
SK Ranu, GK Shaw, A Prabhakar, P Mandayam
2017 IEEE Workshop on Recent Advances in Photonics (WRAP), 1-7, 2017
Quantum non-Markovianity: Overview and recent developments
U Shrikant, P Mandayam
Frontiers in Quantum Science and Technology 2, 1134583, 2023
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