Marie-Claire De Pauw-Gillet
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The DNA intercalating alkaloid cryptolepine interferes with topoisomerase II and inhibits primarily DNA synthesis in B16 melanoma cells
K Bonjean, MC De Pauw-Gillet, MP Defresne, P Colson, C Houssier, ...
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Gold nanorods coated with mesoporous silica shell as drug delivery system for remote near infrared light-activated release and potential phototherapy
J Liu, C Detrembleur, MC De Pauw-Gillet, C Mornet, S., Jérôme, E Duguet
Small 11 (19), 2323-2332, 2015
Synthesis, cytotoxicity, and antiplasmodial and antitrypanosomal activity of new neocryptolepine derivatives
THM Jonckers, S Van Miert, K Cimanga, C Bailly, P Colson, ...
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Enhancement of tumorigenicity of human breast adenocarcinoma cells in nude mice by matrigel and fibroblasts
A Noël, D Pauw-Gillet, G Purnell, B Nusgens, CM Lapière, JM Foidart
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Diterpenes from the leaves of Croton zambesicus
S Block, C Baccelli, B Tinant, L Van Meervelt, R Rozenberg, JLH Jiwan, ...
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Stimulation of topoisomerase II-mediated DNA cleavage by three DNA-intercalating plant alkaloids: cryptolepine, matadine, and serpentine
L Dassonneville, K Bonjean, MC De Pauw-Gillet, P Colson, C Houssier, ...
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MALDI-in source decay applied to mass spectrometry imaging: a new tool for protein identification
D Debois, V Bertrand, L Quinton, MC De Pauw-Gillet, E De Pauw
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Mercury immune toxicity in harbour seals: links to in vitro toxicity
K Das, U Siebert, A Gillet, A Dupont, C Di-Poï, S Fonfara, G Mazzucchelli, ...
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ent-Trachyloban-3β-ol, a new cytotoxic diterpene from Croton zambesicus
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Cytotoxic aporphine alkaloids from Cassytha filiformis
C Stevigny, S Block, MC De Pauw-Gillet, E de Hoffmann, G Llabrès, ...
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DNA intercalation, topoisomerase II inhibition and cytotoxic activity of the plant alkaloid neocryptolepine.
C Bailly, W Laine, B Baldeyrou, D Pauw-Gillet, P Colson, C Houssier, ...
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Improved performances of intraocular lenses by poly (ethylene glycol) chemical coatings
D Bozukova, C Pagnoulle, MC De Pauw-Gillet, S Desbief, R Lazzaroni, ...
Biomacromolecules 8 (8), 2379-2387, 2007
Heat-triggered drug release systems based on mesoporous silica nanoparticles filled with a maghemite core and phase-change molecules as gatekeepers
J Liu, C Detrembleur, MC De Pauw-Gillet, S Mornet, L Vander Elst, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2 (1), 59-70, 2014
Tissue proteomics for the next decade? Towards a molecular dimension in histology
R Longuespée, M Fléron, C Pottier, F Quesada-Calvo, MA Meuwis, ...
OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology 18 (9), 539-552, 2014
Effects of α-hederin, a saponin extracted from Hedera helix, on cells cultured in vitro
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Imparting antifouling properties of poly (2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) hydrogels by grafting poly (oligoethylene glycol methyl ether acrylate)
D Bozukova, C Pagnoulle, MC De Pauw-Gillet, N Ruth, R Jérôme, ...
Langmuir 24 (13), 6649-6658, 2008
Strychnogucines a and B, Two New Antiplasmodial Bisindole Alkaloids from Strychnos Icaja
M Frederich, MC De Pauw-Gillet, C Prosperi, M Tits, V Brandt, J Penelle, ...
Journal of Natural Products 64 (1), 12-16, 2001
Gold nanorods coated with a thermo-responsive poly (ethylene glycol)-b-poly (N-vinylcaprolactam) corona as drug delivery systems for remotely near infrared-triggered release
J Liu, C Detrembleur, MC De Pauw-Gillet, S Mornet, E Duguet, C Jérôme
Polymer Chemistry 5 (3), 799-813, 2014
Screening of cytotoxic activities of Strychnos alkaloids (methods and results)
J Leclercq, MC De Pauw-Gillet, R Bassleer, L Angenot
Journal of ethnopharmacology 15 (3), 305-316, 1986
New Antimalarial and Cytotoxic Sungucine Derivatives from Strychnos Icaja Roots
M Frederich, MC De Pauw-Gillet, G Llabres, M Tits, MP Hayette, V Brandt, ...
Planta Medica 66 (3), 262-269, 2000
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