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Tomás R. Rodríguez
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Energy Density Functional Study of Nuclear Matrix Elements for Neutrinoless Decay
TR Rodriguez, G Martínez-Pinedo
Physical Review Letters 105 (25), 252503, 2010
Compositional mapping of surfaces in atomic force microscopy by excitation of the second normal mode of the microcantilever
TR Rodrıguez, R Garcı́a
Applied Physics Letters 84 (3), 449-451, 2004
Tip motion in amplitude modulation (tapping-mode) atomic-force microscopy: Comparison between continuous and point-mass models
TR Rodrıguez, R Garcı́a
Applied physics letters 80 (9), 1646-1648, 2002
Triaxial angular momentum projection and configuration mixing calculations with the Gogny force
TR Rodríguez, JL Egido
Physical Review C—Nuclear Physics 81 (6), 064323, 2010
Shape and Pairing Fluctuation Effects on Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Nuclear<? format?> Matrix Elements
NL Vaquero, TR Rodríguez, JL Egido
Physical review letters 111 (14), 142501, 2013
Theory of Q control in atomic force microscopy
TR Rodrıguez, R Garcı́a
Applied Physics Letters 82 (26), 4821-4823, 2003
Mean field and beyond description of nuclear structure with the Gogny force: a review
LM Robledo, TR Rodríguez, RR Rodríguez-Guzmán
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 46 (1), 013001, 2018
Ab Initio Treatment of Collective Correlations and the Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay of
JM Yao, B Bally, J Engel, R Wirth, TR Rodríguez, H Hergert
Physical Review Letters 124 (23), 232501, 2020
Direct Evidence for Octupole Deformation in and the Origin of Large Moment Variations in Reflection-Asymmetric Nuclei
B Bucher, S Zhu, CY Wu, RVF Janssens, RN Bernard, LM Robledo, ...
Physical Review Letters 118 (15), 152504, 2017
New Beyond-Mean-Field Theories: Examination of the Potential Shell Closures at or 34
TR Rodríguez, JL Egido
Physical review letters 99 (6), 062501, 2007
Sprayed SnO2 films: growth mechanism and film structure characterization
JS Maudes, T Rodriguez
Thin Solid Films 69 (2), 183-189, 1980
Structure of krypton isotopes calculated with symmetry-conserving configuration-mixing methods
TR Rodriguez
Physical Review C 90 (3), 034306, 2014
Shape Coexistence Near Neutron Number : First Identification of the Decay <?format ?>from the Deformed First Excited State in
W Schwerdtfeger, PG Thirolf, K Wimmer, D Habs, H Mach, TR Rodriguez, ...
Physical review letters 103 (1), 012501, 2009
Symmetry conserving configuration mixing method with cranked states
M Borrajo, TR Rodríguez, JL Egido
Physics Letters B 746, 341-346, 2015
Collective and single-particle motion in beyond mean field approaches
JL Egido, M Borrajo, TR Rodríguez
Physical Review Letters 116 (5), 052502, 2016
Multiple Shape Coexistence in
PE Garrett, TR Rodríguez, AD Varela, KL Green, J Bangay, A Finlay, ...
Physical review letters 123 (14), 142502, 2019
Multi-reference many-body perturbation theory for nuclei: I. Novel PGCM-PT formalism
M Frosini, T Duguet, JP Ebran, V Somà
The European Physical Journal A 58 (4), 62, 2022
Are There Signatures of Harmonic Oscillator Shells Far from Stability? First Spectroscopy of
N Paul, A Corsi, A Obertelli, P Doornenbal, G Authelet, H Baba, B Bally, ...
Physical review letters 118 (3), 032501, 2017
Shape Evolution in Neutron-Rich Krypton Isotopes Beyond : First Spectroscopy of
F Flavigny, P Doornenbal, A Obertelli, JP Delaroche, M Girod, J Libert, ...
Physical Review Letters 118 (24), 242501, 2017
On the origin of the anomalous behaviour of 2+ excitation energies in the neutron-rich Cd isotopes
TR Rodríguez, JL Egido, A Jungclaus
Physics Letters B 668 (5), 410-413, 2008
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