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Bound states in the continuum
CW Hsu, B Zhen, AD Stone, JD Joannopoulos, M Soljačić
Nature Reviews Materials 1 (9), 1-13, 2016
Observation of trapped light within the radiation continuum
CW Hsu, B Zhen, J Lee, SL Chua, SG Johnson, JD Joannopoulos, ...
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Topological band theory for non-Hermitian Hamiltonians
H Shen, B Zhen, L Fu
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Spawning rings of exceptional points out of Dirac cones
B Zhen, CW Hsu, Y Igarashi, L Lu, I Kaminer, A Pick, SL Chua, ...
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Topological nature of optical bound states in the continuum
B Zhen, CW Hsu, L Lu, AD Stone, M Soljačić
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Observation of bulk Fermi arc and polarization half charge from paired exceptional points
H Zhou, C Peng, Y Yoon, CW Hsu, KA Nelson, L Fu, JD Joannopoulos, ...
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Topologically enabled ultrahigh-Q guided resonances robust to out-of-plane scattering
J Jin, X Yin, L Ni, M Soljačić, B Zhen, C Peng
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Observation and Differentiation of Unique High- Optical Resonances <?format ?>Near Zero Wave Vector in Macroscopic Photonic Crystal Slabs
J Lee, B Zhen, SL Chua, W Qiu, JD Joannopoulos, M Soljačić, O Shapira
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Dynamically encircling exceptional points: exact evolution and polarization state conversion
AU Hassan, B Zhen, M Soljačić, M Khajavikhan, DN Christodoulides
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Transparent displays enabled by resonant nanoparticle scattering
CW Hsu, B Zhen, W Qiu, O Shapira, BG DeLacy, JD Joannopoulos, ...
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Observation of topologically enabled unidirectional guided resonances
X Yin, J Jin, M Soljačić, C Peng, B Zhen
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Shrinking light to allow forbidden transitions on the atomic scale
N Rivera, I Kaminer, B Zhen, JD Joannopoulos, M Soljačić
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Bloch surface eigenstates within the radiation continuum
CW Hsu, B Zhen, SL Chua, SG Johnson, JD Joannopoulos, M Soljačić
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A Pick, B Zhen, OD Miller, CW Hsu, F Hernandez, AW Rodriguez, ...
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H Zhou, JY Lee, S Liu, B Zhen
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Enabling enhanced emission and low-threshold lasing of organic molecules using special Fano resonances of macroscopic photonic crystals
B Zhen, SL Chua, J Lee, AW Rodriguez, X Liang, SG Johnson, ...
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Quadrupole topological photonic crystals
L He, Z Addison, EJ Mele, B Zhen
Nature communications 11 (1), 3119, 2020
Formation mechanism of guided resonances and bound states in the continuum in photonic crystal slabs
X Gao, CW Hsu, B Zhen, X Lin, JD Joannopoulos, M Soljačić, H Chen
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I Kaminer, SE Kooi, R Shiloh, B Zhen, Y Shen, JJ López, R Remez, ...
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Perfect single-sided radiation and absorption without mirrors
H Zhou, B Zhen, CW Hsu, OD Miller, SG Johnson, JD Joannopoulos, ...
Optica 3 (10), 1079-1086, 2016
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