Thomas Ebel
Thomas Ebel
Professor at SDU (University of Southern Denmark)
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Ternary aluminides LnT 2 Al 10 (Ln= Y, La–Nd, Sm, Gd–Lu andT= Fe, Ru, Os) with YbFe 2 Al 10 type structure and magneticproperties of the iron-containing series
VMT Thiede, T Ebel, W Jeitschko
Journal of Materials Chemistry 8 (1), 125-130, 1998
EuTa2Al20, Ca6W4Al43 and other compounds with CeCr2Al20 and Ho6Mo4Al43 type structures and some magnetic properties of these compounds
VMT Thiede, W Jeitschko, S Niemann, T Ebel
Journal of alloys and compounds 267 (1-2), 23-31, 1998
Rare earth and uranium transition metal pnictides with LaFe4P12 structure
CBH Evers, W Jeitschko, L Boonk, DJ Braun, T Ebel, UD Scholz
Journal of alloys and compounds 224 (2), 184-189, 1995
Initial stages of the anodic etching of aluminum foils studied by atomic force microscopy
J Scherer, OM Magnussen, T Ebel, RJ Behm
Corrosion science 41 (1), 35-55, 1999
Preparation, crystal structure, and physical properties of the uranium nickel phosphide U3Ni3. 34P6
T Ebel, W Jeitschko
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 116 (2), 307-313, 1995
Degradation behavior of scalable nonfullerene organic solar cells assessed by outdoor and indoor ISOS stability protocols
W Greenbank, N Djeddaoui, E Destouesse, J Lamminaho, M Prete, ...
Energy Technology 8 (12), 2000295, 2020
Magnetic properties of rare-earth transition metal aluminides R6T4Al43 with Ho6Mo4Al43-type structure
MW Wolff, S Niemann, T Ebel, W Jeitschko
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 223 (1), 1-15, 2001
GdRuC2, a ternary carbide with filled NiAs structure
RD Hoffmann, KH Wachtmann, T Ebel, W Jeitschko
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 118 (1), 158-162, 1995
Preparation, properties, and crystal structures of α-and β-ScCrC2
R Pöttgen, AM Witte, W Jeitschko, T Ebel
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 119 (2), 324-330, 1995
Structure and magnetism of La4Mn5Si4O22 and La4V5Si4O22: Two new rare-earth transition metal sorosilicates
C Gueho, D Giaquinta, JL Mansot, T Ebel, P Palvadeau
Chemistry of materials 7 (3), 486-492, 1995
Preparation, structure refinement, and properties of some compounds with Dy2Fe2Si2C-and LaMn11C2-x-type structure
R Pöttgen, T Ebel, CBH Evers, W Jeitschko
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 114 (1), 66-72, 1995
Analytical model for two-dimensional electron gas charge density in recessed-gate GaN high-electron-mobility transistors
S Sharbati, I Gharibshahian, T Ebel, AA Orouji, WT Franke
Journal of Electronic Materials 50, 3923-3929, 2021
Preparation, crystal structure and magnetic properties of the uranium nickel phosphides UNi3P2, UNi4P2, U6Ni20P13 and U2Ni12P7
T Ebel, JH Albering, W Jeitschko
Journal of alloys and compounds 266 (1-2), 71-76, 1998
Magnetic ordering in the ternary phosphides Tb2Fe12P7, Tb2Co12P7, Tb2Ni12P7 and Ho2Ni12P7
M Reehuis, N Stüβer, A Nientiedt, T Ebel, W Jeitschko, B Ouladdiaf
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 177, 805-807, 1998
Magnetic properties of the uranium transition metal carbides U2TC2 (T= Ru, Os, Rh, Ir and Pt)
T Ebel, KH Wachtmann, W Jeitschko
Solid state communications 97 (9), 815-819, 1996
Er5Re2C7, Tm5Re2C7, and Lu5Re2C7 with Sc5Re2C7 Type, and Yb2ReC2 with Pr2ReC2 Type Structures
R Pöttgen, KH Wachtmann, W Jeitschko, A Lang, T Ebel
Zeitschrift für Naturforschung B 52 (2), 231-236, 1997
Präparation, Kristallstruktur und magnetische Eigenschaften der Verbindungen LiAX (A= Ca, Sr, Ba, Eu, Yb; X= P, As, Sb, Bi)
J Albering, T Ebel, W Jeitschko
Zeitschrift für Kristallographie, 242-242, 1997
First-principles theory of electrical breakdown in barrier anodic films in contact with an electrolyte
VG Bordo, T Ebel
Electrochimica Acta 354, 136490, 2020
Antiferromagnetic order in the ternary phosphides LnNi2P2 (Ln= Tb, Dy, Ho, Er)
M Reehuis, W Jeitschko, T Ebel, N Stüsser
Journal of alloys and compounds 287 (1-2), 32-37, 1999
Capacitor having corrosion inhibitor
T Ebel, F Stippich, J Behm, O Magnussen, S Lauterborn
US Patent 6,942,819, 2005
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