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Ternary copper complexes for photocleavage of DNA by red light: direct evidence for sulfur-to-copper charge transfer and d− d band involvement
S Dhar, D Senapati, PK Das, P Chattopadhyay, M Nethaji, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 125 (40), 12118-12124, 2003
Metal complexes of curcumin for cellular imaging, targeting, and photoinduced anticancer activity
S Banerjee, AR Chakravarty
Accounts of chemical research 48 (7), 2075-2083, 2015
DNA Cleavage by New Oxovanadium(IV) Complexes of N-Salicylidene α-Amino Acids and Phenanthroline Bases in the Photodynamic Therapy Window
PK Sasmal, AK Patra, M Nethaji, AR Chakravarty
Inorganic Chemistry 46 (26), 11112-11121, 2007
Chemistry of ruthenium. 2. Synthesis, structure, and redox properties of 2-(arylazo) pyridine complexes
S Goswami, AR Chakravarty, A Chakravorty
Inorganic Chemistry 20 (7), 2246-2250, 1981
Synthesis, crystal structure, DNA binding and photo-induced DNA cleavage activity of (S-methyl-l-cysteine) copper (II) complexes of heterocyclic bases
AK Patra, M Nethaji, AR Chakravarty
Journal of inorganic biochemistry 101 (2), 233-244, 2007
Oxidative cleavage of DNA by a dipyridoquinoxaline copper (II) complex in the presence of ascorbic acid
BK Santra, PAN Reddy, G Neelakanta, S Mahadevan, M Nethaji, ...
Journal of inorganic biochemistry 89 (3-4), 191-196, 2002
Copper(II) Complexes of l-Arginine as Netropsin Mimics Showing DNA Cleavage Activity in Red Light
AK Patra, T Bhowmick, S Roy, S Ramakumar, AR Chakravarty
Inorganic chemistry 48 (7), 2932-2943, 2009
Structural and electrochemical characterization of the novel ortho-metalated dirhodium (II) compounds Rh2 (O2CMe) 2 [Ph2P (C6H4)] 2. cntdot. 2L
AR Chakravarty, FA Cotton, DA Tocher, JH Tocher
Organometallics 4 (1), 8-13, 1985
Remarkable photocytotoxicity of curcumin in HeLa cells in visible light and arresting its degradation on oxovanadium (IV) complex formation
S Banerjee, P Prasad, A Hussain, I Khan, P Kondaiah, AR Chakravarty
Chemical Communications 48 (62), 7702-7704, 2012
Ferrocene-Conjugated l-Tryptophan Copper(II) Complexes of Phenanthroline Bases Showing DNA Photocleavage Activity and Cytotoxicity
TK Goswami, BVSK Chakravarthi, M Roy, AA Karande, AR Chakravarty
Inorganic chemistry 50 (17), 8452-8464, 2011
An iron complex of dipyridophenazine as a potent photocytotoxic agent in visible light
S Saha, R Majumdar, M Roy, RR Dighe, AR Chakravarty
Inorganic chemistry 48 (6), 2652-2663, 2009
Photodynamic Effect in Near‐IR Light by a Photocytotoxic Iron (III) Cellular Imaging Agent
U Basu, I Khan, A Hussain, P Kondaiah, AR Chakravarty
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 51 (11), 2658-2661, 2012
Synthesis, structure, DNA binding and DNA cleavage activity of oxovanadium (IV) N-salicylidene-S-methyldithiocarbazate complexes of phenanthroline bases
PK Sasmal, AK Patra, AR Chakravarty
Journal of inorganic biochemistry 102 (7), 1463-1472, 2008
Effect of charge transfer bands on the photo-induced DNA cleavage activity of [1-(2-thiazolylazo)-2-naphtholato] copper (II) complexes
S Dhar, M Nethaji, AR Chakravarty
Journal of inorganic biochemistry 99 (3), 805-812, 2005
The cis‐Diammineplatinum(II) Complex of Curcumin: A Dual Action DNA Crosslinking and Photochemotherapeutic Agent
K Mitra, S Gautam, P Kondaiah, AR Chakravarty
Angewandte Chemie 127 (47), 14195-14199, 2015
Ferrocene-promoted photoactivated DNA cleavage and anticancer activity of terpyridyl copper (II) phenanthroline complexes
B Maity, M Roy, B Banik, R Majumdar, RR Dighe, AR Chakravarty
Organometallics 29 (16), 3632-3641, 2010
Hydrolytic Cleavage of DNA by Ternary Amino Acid Schiff Base Copper(II) Complexes Having Planar Heterocyclic Ligands
PAN Reddy, M Nethaji, AR Chakravarty
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2004 (7), 1440-1446, 2004
Syntheses, molecular structures, and properties of two polar diruthenium (II, III) complexes of 2-hydroxypyridine and 2-anilinopyridine
AR Chakravarty, FA Cotton, DA Tocher
Inorganic Chemistry 24 (2), 172-177, 1985
Metal-assisted red light-induced DNA cleavage by ternary L-methionine copper (II) complexes of planar heterocyclic bases
AK Patra, S Dhar, M Nethaji, AR Chakravarty
Dalton Transactions, 896-902, 2005
Effect of steric encumbrance of tris (3-phenylpyrazolyl) borate on the structure and properties of ternary copper (II) complexes having N, N-donor heterocyclic bases
S Dhar, PAN Reddy, M Nethaji, S Mahadevan, MK Saha, AR Chakravarty
Inorganic chemistry 41 (13), 3469-3476, 2002
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