Samuel J Hile
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On-chip stimulated Brillouin scattering
R Pant, CG Poulton, DY Choi, H Mcfarlane, S Hile, E Li, L Thevenaz, ...
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A surface code quantum computer in silicon
CD Hill, E Peretz, SJ Hile, MG House, M Fuechsle, S Rogge, ...
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Apparatus and method for quantum processing
M Fuechsle, SJ Hile, CD Hill, LCL Hollenberg, MG House, E Peretz, ...
US Patent 10,229,365, 2019
Two-electron spin correlations in precision placed donors in silicon
MA Broome, SK Gorman, MG House, SJ Hile, JG Keizer, D Keith, CD Hill, ...
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Radio frequency measurements of tunnel couplings and singlet–triplet spin states in Si: P quantum dots
MG House, T Kobayashi, B Weber, SJ Hile, TF Watson, J Van Der Heijden, ...
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High-fidelity single-shot singlet-triplet readout of precision-placed donors in silicon
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Coherent control of a donor-molecule electron spin qubit in silicon
L Fricke, SJ Hile, L Kranz, Y Chung, Y He, P Pakkiam, MG House, ...
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Radio frequency reflectometry and charge sensing of a precision placed donor in silicon
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A high-fidelity quantum matter-link between ion-trap microchip modules
M Akhtar, F Bonus, FR Lebrun-Gallagher, NI Johnson, M Siegele-Brown, ...
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Single-charge detection by an atomic precision tunnel junction
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Probing the quantum states of a single atom transistor at microwave frequencies
GC Tettamanzi, SJ Hile, MG House, M Fuechsle, S Rogge, MY Simmons
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Tunneling statistics for analysis of spin-readout fidelity
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A scalable helium gas cooling system for trapped-ion applications
FR Lebrun-Gallagher, NI Johnson, M Akhtar, S Weidt, D Bretaud, SJ Hile, ...
Quantum Science and Technology 7 (2), 024002, 2022
Fabrication of surface ion traps with integrated current carrying wires enabling high magnetic field gradients
M Siegele-Brown, S Hong, FR Lebrun-Gallagher, SJ Hile, S Weidt, ...
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Mapping the chemical potential landscape of a triple quantum dot
MA Broome, SK Gorman, JG Keizer, TF Watson, SJ Hile, WJ Baker, ...
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Singlet-triplet minus mixing and relaxation lifetimes in a double donor dot
SK Gorman, MA Broome, MG House, SJ Hile, JG Keizer, D Keith, ...
Applied Physics Letters 112 (24), 2018
Optimal control with a multidimensional quantum invariant
M Orozco-Ruiz, S Simsek, SA Kulmiya, SJ Hile, WK Hensinger, F Mintert
Physical Review A 108 (2), 022601, 2023
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