Hamad Al-Lohedan
Hamad Al-Lohedan
Professor of chemistry,King Saud University
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Green synthesis of NiO nanoparticles using Aegle marmelos leaf extract for the evaluation of in-vitro cytotoxicity, antibacterial and photocatalytic properties
AA Ezhilarasi, JJ Vijaya, K Kaviyarasu, LJ Kennedy, RJ Ramalingam, ...
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology 180, 39-50, 2018
Green synthesis of Ag nanoparticles using Tamarind fruit extract for the antibacterial studies
N Jayaprakash, JJ Vijaya, K Kaviyarasu, K Kombaiah, LJ Kennedy, ...
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology 169, 178-185, 2017
Okra extract-assisted green synthesis of CoFe2O4 nanoparticles and their optical, magnetic, and antimicrobial properties
K Kombaiah, JJ Vijaya, LJ Kennedy, M Bououdina, RJ Ramalingam, ...
Materials Chemistry and Physics 204, 410-419, 2018
Bioreduction potentials of dried root of Zingiber officinale for a simple green synthesis of silver nanoparticles: antibacterial studies
JJ Vijaya, N Jayaprakash, K Kombaiah, K Kaviyarasu, LJ Kennedy, ...
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology 177, 62-68, 2017
Studies on the efficient dual performance of Mn1–xNixFe2O4 spinel nanoparticles in photodegradation and antibacterial activity
SK Jesudoss, JJ Vijaya, LJ Kennedy, PI Rajan, HA Al-Lohedan, ...
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology 165, 121-132, 2016
Preparation and characterization of activated carbon derived from the Borassus flabellifer flower as an electrode material for supercapacitor applications
M Sivachidambaram, JJ Vijaya, LJ Kennedy, R Jothiramalingam, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 41 (10), 3939-3949, 2017
Micellar effects upon spontaneous hydrolyses and their relation to mechanism
H Al-Lohedan, CA Bunton, MM Mhala
Journal of the American Chemical Society 104 (24), 6654-6660, 1982
Green-fuel-mediated synthesis of self-assembled NiO nano-sticks for dual applications—photocatalytic activity on Rose Bengal dye and antimicrobial action on bacterial strains
PI Rajan, JJ Vijaya, SK Jesudoss, K Kaviyarasu, LJ Kennedy, ...
Materials Research Express 4 (8), 085030, 2017
Facile sonochemical synthesis of perovskite-type SrTiO3 nanocubes with reduced graphene oxide nanocatalyst for an enhanced electrochemical detection of α-amino acid (tryptophan)
M Govindasamy, SF Wang, WC Pan, B Subramanian, RJ Ramalingam, ...
Ultrasonics sonochemistry 56, 193-199, 2019
Highly versatile p (MAc)–M (M: Cu, Co, Ni) microgel composite catalyst for individual and simultaneous catalytic reduction of nitro compounds and dyes
M Ajmal, M Siddiq, H Al-Lohedan, N Sahiner
RSC Advances 4 (103), 59562-59570, 2014
Characterization of reactive amphiphilic montmorillonite nanogels and its application for removal of toxic cationic dye and heavy metals water pollutants
AM Atta, HA Al-Lohedan, ZA ALOthman, AA Abdel-Khalek, AM Tawfeek
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 31, 374-384, 2015
High performance multifunctional green Co304 spinel nanoparticles: photodegradation of textile dye effluents, catalytic hydrogenation of nitro-aromatics and …
SK Jesudoss, JJ Vijaya, PI Rajan, K Kaviyarasu, M Sivachidambaram, ...
Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 16, 766-778, 2017
Application of new amphiphilic ionic liquid based on ethoxylated octadecylammonium tosylate as demulsifier and petroleum crude oil spill dispersant
AM Atta, HA Al-Lohedan, MMS Abdullah, SM ElSaeed
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 33, 122-130, 2016
Demulsification of heavy crude oil using new nonionic cardanol surfactants
AM Atta, MMS Abdullah, HA Al-Lohedan, AO Ezzat
Journal of Molecular Liquids 252, 311-320, 2018
Functionalization of magnetite nanoparticles as oil spill collector
AM Atta, HA Al-Lohedan, SA Al-Hussain
International journal of molecular sciences 16 (4), 6911-6931, 2015
A novel synthesis protocol for Co 3 O 4 nanocatalysts and their catalytic applications
M Sivachidambaram, JJ Vijaya, K Kaviyarasu, LJ Kennedy, ...
RSC advances 7 (62), 38861-38870, 2017
Cationic microgels embedding metal nanoparticles in the reduction of dyes and nitro-phenols
S ur Rehman, M Siddiq, H Al-Lohedan, N Sahiner
Chemical Engineering Journal 265, 201-209, 2015
Micellar effects upon the reaction of betaine esters with hydroxide ion
H Al-Lohedan, CA Bunton, LS Romsted
The Journal of Physical Chemistry 85 (14), 2123-2129, 1981
Facile synthesis of copper sulfide decorated reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite for high sensitive detection of toxic antibiotic in milk
M Govindasamy, SF Wang, S Kumaravel, RJ Ramalingam, ...
Ultrasonics sonochemistry 52, 382-390, 2019
Retracted Article: Anti-cancer activity of hierarchical ZSM-5 zeolites synthesized from rice-based waste materials
SK Jesudoss, JJ Vijaya, K Kaviyarasu, LJ Kennedy, RJ Ramalingam, ...
RSC advances 8 (1), 481-490, 2018
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