Dr. Jitendra N. Tiwari
Dr. Jitendra N. Tiwari
Dongguk University, Seoul
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Noncovalent Functionalization of Graphene and Graphene Oxide for Energy Materials, Biosensing, Catalytic, and Biomedical Applications
V Georgakilas, JN Tiwari, KC Kemp, JA Perman, AB Bourlinos, KS Kim, ...
Chemical Reviews 116 (9), 5464–5519, 2016
Zero-dimensional, one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional nanostructured materials for advanced electrochemical energy devices
JN Tiwari, RN Tiwari, KS Kim
Progress in Materials Science 57 (4), 724-803, 2012
Nickel–Based Electrocatalysts for Energy Related Applications: Oxygen Reduction, Oxygen Evolution, and Hydrogen Evolution Reactions
V Vij, S Sultan, AM Harzandi, A Meena, JN Tiwari, WG Lee, T Yoon, ...
ACS Catalysis 7 (10), 7196–7225, 2017
Multicomponent electrocatalyst with ultralow Pt loading and high hydrogen evolution activity
JN Tiwari, S Sultan, CW Myung, T Yoon, N Li, M Ha, AM Harzandi, ...
Nature Energy 3 (9), 773–782, 2018
Single Atoms and Clusters Based Nanomaterials for Hydrogen Evolution, Oxygen Evolution Reactions, and Full Water Splitting
S Sultan, JN Tiwari, AN Singh, S Zhumagali, M Ha, CW Myung, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 9 (22), 1900624, 2019
Engineered Carbon-Nanomaterial-Based Electrochemical Sensors for Biomolecules
JN Tiwari, V Vij, KC Kemp, KS Kim
ACS nano 10 (1), 46-80, 2016
Recent progress in the development of anode and cathode catalysts for direct methanol fuel cells
JN Tiwari, RN Tiwari, G Singh, KS Kim
Nano Energy 2 (5), 553–578, 2013
Reduced graphene oxide-based hydrogels for the efficient capture of dye pollutants from aqueous solutions
JN Tiwari, K Mahesh, NH Le, KC Kemp, R Timilsina, RN Tiwari, KS Kim
Carbon 56, 173–182, 2013
High‐Performance Hydrogen Evolution by Ru Single Atoms and Nitrided‐Ru Nanoparticles Implanted on N‐Doped Graphitic Sheet
JN Tiwari, AM Harzandi, M Ha, S Sultan, CW Myung, HJ Park, DY Kim, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 9 (26), 1900931, 2019
Multi-heteroatom-doped carbon from waste-yeast biomass for sustained water splitting
JN Tiwari, NK Dang, S Sultan, P Thangavel, HY Jeong, KS Kim
Nature Sustainability 3, 556-563, 2020
Stable platinum nanoclusters on genomic DNA–graphene oxide with a high oxygen reduction reaction activity
JN Tiwari, K Nath, S Kumar, RN Tiwari, KC Kemp, NH Le, DH Youn, ...
Nature communications 4, 2221, 2013
Simple and Scalable Mechanochemical Synthesis of Noble Metal Catalysts with Single Atoms toward Highly Efficient Hydrogen Evolution
H Jin, S Sultan, M Ha, JN Tiwari, MG Kim, KS Kim
Advanced Functional Materials 30 (25), 2000531, 2020
Fuel Cells: Highly Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction Activity of Graphitic Tube Encapsulating Nitrided CoxFey Alloy (Adv. Energy Mater. 25/2018)
S Sultan, JN Tiwari, JH Jang, AM Harzandi, F Salehnia, SJ Yoo, KS Kim
Advanced Energy Materials 8 (25), 1870115, 2018
Superb water splitting activity of the electrocatalyst Fe3Co(PO4)4 designed with computation aid
S Sultan, M Ha, DY Kim, JN Tiwari*, CW Myung*, A Meena, TJ Shin, ...
Nature communications 10, 5195, 2019
Highly Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction Activity of Graphitic Tube Encapsulating Nitrided CoxFey Alloy
S Sultan, JN Tiwari, JH Jang, AM Harzandi, F Salehnia, SJ Yoo, KS Kim
Adv. Energy Mater. 8 (25), 1801002, 2018
High-Affinity-Assisted Nanoscale Alloys as Remarkable Bifunctional Catalyst for Alcohol Oxidation and Oxygen Reduction Reactions
JN Tiwari, WG Lee, S Sultan, M Yousuf, AM Harzandi, V Vij, KS Kim
ACS Nano 11 (8), 7729−7735, 2017
Immiscible bi-metal single-atoms driven synthesis of electrocatalysts having superb mass-activity and durability
AM Harzandi, S Shadman, M Ha, CW Myung, DY Kim, HJ Park, S Sultan, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 118896, 2020
Recent Advancement of p‐ and d‐Block Elements, Single Atoms, and Graphene‐Based Photoelectrochemical Electrodes for Water Splitting
JN Tiwari, AN Singh, S Sultan, KS Kim
Advanced Energy Materials 10 (24), 2000280, 2020
Highly selective and stable carbon dioxide uptake in polyindole-derived microporous carbon materials
M Saleh, JN Tiwari, KC Kemp, M Yousaf, KS Kim
Environmental science & technology 47 (10), 5467–5473, 2013
Interconnected Pt-Nanodendrite/DNA/Reduced-Graphene-Oxide Hybrid Showing Remarkable Oxygen Reduction Activity and Stability
JN Tiwari, KC Kemp, K Nath, RN Tiwari, HG Nam, KS Kim
ACS nano 7 (10), 9223–9231, 2013
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