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Determination of very low levels of gold and palladium in wastewater and soil samples by atomic absorption after preconcentration on modified MCM-48 and MCM-41 silica
H Ebrahimzadeh, N Tavassoli, MM Amini, Y Fazaeli, H Abedi
Talanta 81 (4-5), 1183-1188, 2010
Electromembrane extraction combined with cyclodextrin‐modified capillary electrophoresis for the quantification of trimipramine enantiomers
AR Fakhari, H Tabani, S Nojavan, H Abedi
Electrophoresis 33 (3), 506-515, 2012
Optimization of carrier-mediated three-phase hollow fiber microextraction combined with HPLC-UV for determination of propylthiouracil in biological samples
H Ebrahimzadeh, AA Asgharinezhad, H Abedi, F Kamarei
Talanta 85 (2), 1043-1049, 2011
Hollow fiber-based liquid phase microextraction combined with high-performance liquid chromatography for the analysis of gabapentin in biological samples
H Ebrahimzadeh, Y Yamini, HA Firozjaei, F Kamarei, N Tavassoli, ...
Analytica Chimica Acta 665 (2), 221-226, 2010
Electromembrane‐surrounded solid‐phase microextraction coupled to ion mobility spectrometry for the determination of nonsteroidal anti‐inflammatory drugs: a rapid screening …
H Abedi, H Ebrahimzadeh
Journal of separation science 38 (8), 1358-1364, 2015
Molecular‐imprinted polymer extraction combined with dispersive liquid–liquid micro‐extractionfor ultra‐preconcentration of mononitrotoluene
H Ebrahimzadeh, H Abedi, Y Yamini, L Adlnasab
Journal of separation science 33 (23‐24), 3759-3766, 2010
Imprinted polymer-based extraction for speciation analysis of inorganic tin in food and water samples
H Abedi, H Ebrahimzadeh
Reactive and Functional Polymers 73 (4), 634-640, 2013
Solid phase headspace microextraction of tricyclic antidepressants using a directly prepared nanocomposite consisting of graphene, CTAB and polyaniline
H Abedi, H Ebrahimzadeh, JB Ghasemi
Microchimica Acta 182, 633-641, 2015
Determination of 2, 4-D in environmental samples by three phases directly suspended LPME combined with HPLC-UV
V Amani, S Roshan, AA Asgharinezhad, E Najafi, H Abedi, N Tavassoli, ...
Analytical methods 3 (10), 2261-2267, 2011
3D-QSAR, CoMFA, and CoMSIA of new phenyloxazolidinones derivatives as potent HIV-1 protease inhibitors
H Abedi, H Ebrahimzadeh, JB Ghasemi
Structural Chemistry 24, 433-444, 2013
Solid‐phase microextraction of methadone by using a chitosan nanocomposite incorporated with Polyoxomolibdate nanocluster/Graphene oxide
H Abedi
Journal of Separation Science 44 (9), 1969-1977, 2021
Hierarchical CuS doped with vanadium nanosheets with micro skein overall morphology as a high performance amperometric glucose sensor
P Gao, Y Zhang, H Abedi
Surfaces and Interfaces 21, 100756, 2020
Molecular docking, 2D and 3D-QSAR studies of new indole-based derivatives as HCV-NS5B polymerase inhibitors
JB Ghasemi, E Nazarshodeh, H Abedi
Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society 12, 1789-1799, 2015
Electroweak phase transition in the presence of hypermagnetic field and the generation of gravitational waves
H Abedi, M Ahmadvand, SS Gousheh
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 49 (7), 075002, 2022
Introduction of nitrogen doped graphene nanosheets as efficient adsorbents for nitrate removal from aqueous samples
H Tabani, AE Bameri, H Abedi, R Hatefi, A Gorjizadeh, AZ Moghaddam
Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering 19, 1875-1886, 2021
Nano-Polyoxotungstate as a Recyclable and Highly Efficient Catalyst for Cycloaddition of CO2 to Cyclic Carbonates under Solvent-Free Conditions
R Haddad, MD Telgerd, H Abedi, A Roostaie
Current Organic Synthesis 15 (4), 533-540, 2018
Determination of Lorazepam and Diazepam Using Modified Nanocrystalline Cellulose for Ultrasonic-Assisted Dispersive Solid Phase Microextraction (UA-DSPME) and Gas …
M Haji Abdolrasouli, A Roostaie, H Abedi, S Mohammadiazar
Analytical Letters, 1-18, 2023
Polylactic Acid-polycaprolactone/graphene Bionanocomposites as Supersorbent for the Determination of Morphine, Codeine, and Methadone Drugs
A Roostaie, M Haji Abdolrasouli, H Abedi, MA Mirzaei, H Ziaei, ...
Chemistry Africa, 1-11, 2024
Tin (IV) complexes with 8-hydroxyquinoline ligand derivatives as precursors for the manufacture of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
E Najafi, M Janghouri, H Abedi
Nashrieh Shimi va Mohandesi Shimi Iran, 2024
High Super Magnetic Sorbent Based on Fe3O4-Sio2@ TMMS for Determination of Naproxen
A Roostaie, A Mobaraki, H Abedi, M Sheydaei, H Paryabi
Material Science 6 (1), 1-15, 2024
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