Ralf Betzholz
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Differentiation of the human liver progenitor cell line (HepaRG) on a microfluidic‐based biochip
M Jang, A Kleber, T Ruckelshausen, R Betzholz, A Manz
Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 13 (3), 482-494, 2019
Quantum optimal control using phase-modulated driving fields
J Tian, H Liu, Y Liu, P Yang, R Betzholz, RS Said, F Jelezko, J Cai
Physical Review A 102 (4), 043707, 2020
Lindblad master equations for quantum systems coupled to dissipative bosonic modes
SB Jäger, T Schmit, G Morigi, MJ Holland, R Betzholz
Physical Review Letters 129 (6), 063601, 2022
Quantum optical master equation for solid-state quantum emitters
R Betzholz, JM Torres, M Bienert
Physical Review A 90 (6), 063818, 2014
Suppression of Rabi oscillations in hybrid optomechanical systems
T Holz, R Betzholz, M Bienert
Physical Review A 92 (4), 043822, 2015
Complete quantum-state tomography with a local random field
P Yang, M Yu, R Betzholz, C Arenz, J Cai
Physical Review Letters 124 (1), 010405, 2020
Pulsed quantum-state reconstruction of dark systems
Y Liu, J Tian, R Betzholz, J Cai
Physical Review Letters 122 (11), 110406, 2019
Optomechanical damping basis
JM Torres, R Betzholz, M Bienert
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 52 (8), 08LT02, 2019
Entangling distant solid-state spins via thermal phonons
P Cao, R Betzholz, S Zhang, J Cai
Physical Review B 96 (24), 245418, 2017
Breakdown signatures of the phenomenological Lindblad master equation in the strong optomechanical coupling regime
R Betzholz, BG Taketani, JM Torres
Quantum Science and Technology 6 (1), 015005, 2020
Scalable nuclear-spin entanglement mediated by a mechanical oscillator
P Cao, R Betzholz, J Cai
Physical Review B 98 (16), 165404, 2018
Accelerated quantum control in a three-level system by jumping along the geodesics
M Gong, M Yu, R Betzholz, Y Chu, P Yang, Z Wang, J Cai
Physical Review A 107 (4), L040602, 2023
Nanotube double quantum dot spin transducer for scalable quantum information processing
W Song, T Du, H Liu, R Betzholz, J Cai
New Journal of Physics 22 (6), 063029, 2020
Laser and cavity cooling of a mechanical resonator with a nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond
L Giannelli, R Betzholz, L Kreiner, M Bienert, G Morigi
Physical Review A 94 (5), 053835, 2016
Phenomenological theory of the giant magnetoimpedance of composite wires
R Betzholz, H Gao, Z Zhao, U Hartmann
Europhysics Letters 101 (1), 17005, 2013
Real-time adaptive sensing of nuclear spins by a single-spin quantum sensor
J Wang, D Li, R Betzholz, J Cai
Physical Review Applied 18 (2), 024040, 2022
Pulsed characteristic-function measurement of a thermalizing harmonic oscillator
R Betzholz, Y Liu, J Cai
Physical Review A 104 (1), 012421, 2021
Two-photon-transition superadiabatic passage in a nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond
M Gong, M Yu, Y Chu, W Chen, Q Cao, N Wang, J Cai, R Betzholz, ...
Physical Review A 109 (3), 032626, 2024
Resonance fluorescence of a laser-cooled atom in a non-harmonic potential
R Betzholz, M Bienert
The European Physical Journal D 70, 1-12, 2016
Engineering Artificial Atomic Systems of Giant Electric Dipole Moment
B Yu, Y Chu, R Betzholz, S Zhang, J Cai
Physical Review Letters 132 (7), 073202, 2024
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