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Degradation of organic water pollutants through sonophotocatalysis in the presence of TiO2
M Mrowetz, C Pirola, E Selli
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CL Bianchi, S Gatto, C Pirola, A Naldoni, A Di Michele, G Cerrato, ...
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Transmission control for power-shift agricultural tractors: Design and end-of-line automatic tuning
M Tanelli, G Panzani, SM Savaresi, C Pirola
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Acid Gas to Syngas (AG2S™) technology applied to solid fuel gasification: Cutting H2S and CO2 emissions by improving syngas production
A Bassani, C Pirola, E Maggio, A Pettinau, C Frau, G Bozzano, S Pierucci, ...
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CL Bianchi, V Ragaini, C Pirola, G Carvoli
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 40 (2), 93-99, 2003
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