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Kohei Fujiwara
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Resistance switching and formation of a conductive bridge in metal/binary oxide/metal structure for memory devices
K Fujiwara, T Nemoto, MJ Rozenberg, Y Nakamura, H Takagi
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 47 (8R), 6266, 2008
5d iridium oxide as a material for spin-current detection
K Fujiwara, Y Fukuma, J Matsuno, H Idzuchi, Y Niimi, YC Otani, H Takagi
Nature communications 4 (1), 2893, 2013
Accumulation and depletion layer thicknesses in organic field effect transistors
M Kiguchi, M Nakayama, K Fujiwara, K Ueno, T Shimada, K Saiki
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 42 (12A), L1408, 2003
Highly conductive PdCoO2 ultrathin films for transparent electrodes
T Harada, K Fujiwara, A Tsukazaki
APL Materials 6 (4), 2018
Ferromagnetic Co3Sn2S2 thin films fabricated by co-sputtering
K Fujiwara, J Ikeda, J Shiogai, T Seki, K Takanashi, A Tsukazaki
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 58 (5), 050912, 2019
Enhanced electron mobility at the two-dimensional metallic surface of BaSnO3 electric-double-layer transistor at low temperatures
K Fujiwara, K Nishihara, J Shiogai, A Tsukazaki
Applied Physics Letters 110 (20), 2017
Critical thickness for the emergence of Weyl features in Co3Sn2S2 thin films
J Ikeda, K Fujiwara, J Shiogai, T Seki, K Nomura, K Takanashi, ...
Communications Materials 2 (1), 18, 2021
First-principles investigation of magnetic and transport properties in hole-doped shandite compounds
Y Yanagi, J Ikeda, K Fujiwara, K Nomura, A Tsukazaki, MT Suzuki
Physical Review B 103 (20), 205112, 2021
Anomalous Hall effect at the spontaneously electron-doped polar surface of ultrathin films
T Harada, K Sugawara, K Fujiwara, M Kitamura, S Ito, T Nojima, K Horiba, ...
Physical Review Research 2 (1), 013282, 2020
Tuning metal-insulator transition by one dimensional alignment of giant electronic domains in artificially size-controlled epitaxial VO2 wires
H Takami, K Kawatani, H Ueda, K Fujiwara, T Kanki, H Tanaka
Applied Physics Letters 101 (26), 2012
Thin-film stabilization of LiNbO3-type ZnSnO3 and MgSnO3 by molecular-beam epitaxy
K Fujiwara, H Minato, J Shiogai, A Kumamoto, N Shibata, A Tsukazaki
APL Materials 7 (2), 2019
High field-effect mobility at the (Sr, Ba) SnO3/BaSnO3 interface
K Fujiwara, K Nishihara, J Shiogai, A Tsukazaki
AIP Advances 6 (8), 2016
Spatial redistribution of oxygen ions in oxide resistance switching device after forming process
T Yajima, K Fujiwara, A Nakao, T Kobayashi, T Tanaka, K Sunouchi, ...
Japanese journal of applied physics 49 (6R), 060215, 2010
Fermi-level tuning of the Dirac surface state in (Bi1− xSbx) 2Se3 thin films
Y Satake, J Shiogai, D Takane, K Yamada, K Fujiwara, S Souma, T Sato, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 30 (8), 085501, 2018
Formation of distorted rutile-type NbO2, MoO2, and WO2 films by reactive sputtering
K Fujiwara, A Tsukazaki
Journal of Applied Physics 125 (8), 2019
Identification of giant mott phase transition of single electric nanodomain in manganite nanowall wire
AN Hattori, Y Fujiwara, K Fujiwara, TVA Nguyen, T Nakamura, M Ichimiya, ...
Nano Letters 15 (7), 4322-4328, 2015
Dual field effects in electrolyte-gated spinel ferrite: electrostatic carrier doping and redox reactions
T Ichimura, K Fujiwara, H Tanaka
Scientific Reports 4 (1), 5818, 2014
Nanowall-Shaped MgO Substrate with Flat (100) Sidesurface: A New Route to Three-Dimensional Functional Oxide Nanostructured Electronics
Y Fujiwara, AN Hattori, K Fujiwara, H Tanaka
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 52 (1R), 015001, 2012
Electric field-induced transport modulation in VO2 FETs with high-k oxide/organic parylene-C hybrid gate dielectric
T Wei, T Kanki, K Fujiwara, M Chikanari, H Tanaka
Applied Physics Letters 108 (5), 2016
Enhancement of superconducting transition temperature in FeSe electric-double-layer transistor with multivalent ionic liquids
T Miyakawa, J Shiogai, S Shimizu, M Matsumoto, Y Ito, T Harada, ...
Physical Review Materials 2 (3), 031801, 2018
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